About Stephanie sell

Stephanie is the calligrapher and owner behind Stell Creates. She believes that lettering brings an element of extraordinary to the ordinary.

Stephanie fell in love with lettering at a young age. When she was in elementary school, her mother regaled her with tales of her addressing envelopes for White House parties in the 70s. Her mother’s handwriting was so beautiful, that Stephanie spent hours trying to replicate it.

While Stephanie was planning her own wedding, her enthusiasm for lettering re-emerged. She tried to find ways to add lettering elements into everything she made for that special day.

She enjoys creating calligraphy unique to each love story. Often taking inspiration from other aspects of the wedding, she can match the lettering to existing designs and the couples’ aesthetic.

When she’s not doing calligraphy, Stephanie can be found creating designs for digital experiences, doing yoga, and drinking bubble tea.