Addressing on the outer envelope
$3.50 per envelope

Addressing on the inner envelope
$2.00 per envelope

Cost includes:
* Any color ink and font of your choosing
* Centering of the address on the envelope

Note: Envelopes can be provided for an additional $0.75 per envelope.


Name only
$1.50 per card

Name and table assignment
$2.00 per card

Cost includes:
* Any color ink of your choosing
* Your choice of font and placement on the card

Note: Standard place cards can be provided for an additional $0.50 per card.

Contact me if you are interested in a different medium other than paper.

Chalkboard SIGNS

Each sign is custom created for your event and can vary widely in price based on complexity of the piece and size. Below are the baseline prices for signs. Please contact me directly for your specific needs. Price doesn’t include the cost of chalkboard.

Welcome Sign

Bar Sign

Food Menu Sign

Dessert Sign

Seating Chart

Extra Event Details

Welcome bags
$5.00+ per bag

Custom vow journal (3.5 in x 5 in)

Handwritten program*

Handwritten menu*

 *Digital file of the design will be emailed to you upon completion. One round of revisions is included in the price.

Custom work
If you need something else customized, please reach out to me directly to get an estimate!